Animal Osteopathy

Animal Osteopathy

Our Principal Osteopath, Janet Marie is a fully qualified Animal Osteopath (Post Graduate Diploma) trained by acknowledged world authority on animal mobility, Stuart McGregor at the Osteopathic Centre for Animals.

Animals can experience aches and pains just like we do,whether your four legged companion is at leisure, working or competing.
Regular physical care of your animal’s joints and muscles is one of the best preventative health investments you can provide and will benefit your family pet or happy hacker as much as your professional sports competitor.

What does an Osteopathic treatment involve?

Treatment aims to promote your animal’s own healing response, improve function and restore health.
It should help your animal to MOVE and FEEL BETTER.

Once we have assessed your animal and identified any problem areas, the kind and frequency of treatment recommended will be individually tailored to meet their needs.

A variety of manual therapy techniques may be used including:

Articulation of joints
Soft tissue massage
Manipulation of joints (only if appropriate)
Light or laser therapy may be included to aid healing/give pain relief


Osteopathic treatment can be beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Assessing, treating and relieving existing pain and stiffness (from arthritis, accidents or injuries)
  • Maintaining ongoing flexibility and mobility to enhance physical conditioning and performance
  • Optimising muscle, tendon and joint function to help prevent future musculoskeletal injury
  • Relieving arthritis pain and improving mobility in older animals to aid their comfort
  • Restoring normal function to speed recovery and maximise well being

These techniques aim to:

Ease stiffness in joints
Remove restrictions in spinal movement
Improve muscle efficiency
Increase flexibility
Increase symmetry
Reduce the chance of injury
Relieve arthritis pain and improve mobility in older animals
Your Vets involvement
Prior to treating your companion, your vet must be contacted.
This is routine, as by law, the treatment of animals must be controlled by a qualified vet and no therapist should treat your animal without your vet’s permission.

 When should you seek treatment?

Anytime for preventative care to keep your animal moving well. In addition look out for the following signs:

Lameness or uneven weight distribution
Difficulty getting up, jumping into a car or using stairs
Reluctance to play or exercise
Shortened stride or gait change
Sensitivity to being touched along the back
Change or deterioration in behaviour performance or temperament

Reduced performance level
Problems when tacking up
Uneven wear of shoes
Uneven muscle development
Napping, rearing, refusing or bucking
Please note, some insurers will cover Osteopathic Treatment of Animals. Check with your insurer directly to see if your animal is covered.

Cost of treatment

(Sessions will last between 30-60mins per animal)

£45 dog
£60 horse

We are happy to offer discounts for multiple treatments at the same place.

Please note travel costs may apply. There will be a surplus mileage charge of 50p per mile for journeys outside a 20 mile radius of Shrewsbury.

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