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Please ensure you read the following information before your visit in order to arrive at your appointment prepared and to help us keep you as safe as possible:

Here at Severn Osteopathy Clinic we have always maintained high standards of hygiene. With Coronavirus currently circulating, we have made further adaptations in line with the latest advice from Public Health England.

Before Your Appointment

  • Pre-screening Questions

You will be sent a brief pre-screening questionnaire to ensure your risk of having Coronavirus is low.

Please ensure you complete this prior to appointment and if you develop symptoms or become unwell please do not attend and contact us.

Coronavirus symptoms are:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

Preparation and Arrival At Your Appointment

  • What to wear

Please wear comfortable loose clothing so de-robing and changing is kept to a minimum. Please be aware of allowing access to areas of discomfort. For example, if you require a knee examination and treatment, loose track suit bottoms or shorts would be appropriate.

  • Wear a mask

Masks must be worn at all times inside the Clinic. You are welcome to bring your own, however free disposable masks will be available at the entrance.

Children under 11 and patients with certain health conditions that prevent the wearing of face coverings are exempt from these measures.

  • Arrive promptly

Please do your best to arrive on time for your appointment, no earlier or later as sanitising and cleaning will be happening between patients.

  • Arrive alone

If possible please arrive alone for your appointment. If you need to bring a chaperone then please discuss this with us.

  • Ring the bell

The front door will be locked until your appointment time. Please ring the bell. The Osteopath will open the door for you.

  • Temperature checks

The Osteopath will take your temperature with a contactless forehead thermometer to ensure it is normal.

In the unlikely event that your temperature is high, we will advise testing in line with NHS guidance and reschedule your appointment at a later date.

  • Clean hands on arrival

When you enter the Clinic and before entering the treatment room, please use the sanitiser gel provided or wash your hands with soap and water.

During Your Appointment

  • Uniform and treatment table dressing

Your Osteopath will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as recommended by the General Osteopathic Council and government health advisors. This includes a mask of the appropriate type, a visor and single use disposable apron. Single use disposable gloves may also be worn.

The treatment table, pillows and head hole cushion will be covered with reusable plastic covers which will be thoroughly sanitised between patients.

No bed linen will be used during your treatment. However if you feel you require a towel for modesty, we can offer you this. These  will be washed at 90 degrees after a single use by a patient.

  • Box for belongings

There will be a plastic box in the treatment room to put your belongings in, bag, coat etc. The box will then be sterilised between patients.

  • No refreshments

Unfortunately we will no longer be able to offer refreshments at the Clinic. Please bring water with you should you require it.

  • New patients

Whilst taking your medical case history we will ensure 2 metre distance for this prolonged period to keep social distance where possible.

Ending Your Appointment

  • Payment

Direct bank transfer (BACS) payment is preferable. If this is not possible cheque or cash may be accepted.

  • Follow up appointment booking

We ask that you kindly make any follow up appointments you require on-line through our website

If you do not have access to the internet then please discuss with your Osteopath.

  • Leaving

We ask that patients leave promptly to enable us to clean the practice and change PPE before the next patient arrives. 

You may dispose of any paper masks in the bin provided by the back door.

Patients will leave via the back door to provide a one way system in order to avoid contact between patients.

After Leaving

Before and after each patient, the treatment room including all commonly touched surfaces will be disinfected and sanitised. The room will be ventilated during this time.

Your Osteopath will change and re-fresh PPE as appropriate and wash hands and arms thoroughly.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we are managing the environment and implementing safety measures at the Clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.

Janet Marie